Best of Bhangra Pop Singer Jazzy B Songs List and Albums

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Jiving World Beats Of Jazzy B Creating Universal Sensation In International Bhangra Pop

The Jazzy B, otherwise known as Jaswinder Singh Bains, is a Punjabi language Bhangra singer and songwriter. He was born on April 1, 1976, in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He was five years old, when his family shifted to Vancouver, Canada. However, now he resides in Birmingham, England. The endeavor of his musical career, he has released 11 studio albums. This includes two religion albums, as well. Owing to his success in music, he is also, known as the Crown Prince of Bhangra. Jaswinder made a unique blend ethnic Bhangra style with electric dance moves to set the stage on fire.

Jazzy B Songs 2015 AlbumsIts moves are heavily based on the live stage acts. Due to his Indian origin and Canadian influence, Jazzy B has come up with the beats of the world music, which has got the apt avenue of him being the world citizen, and his extensive world tours to give it the much-deserved podium.

Top 10 Jazzy B Songs 2015

1.    This Party Gettin Hot
2.    Hai Hai Jawani Ni
3.    Chug De Punjabi
4.    Jugni
5.    Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
6.    Pawarey Teri Akh De
7.    Sees Te Chal Di Aari
8.    Chuk De Punjabi
9.    Tere Mere Ankhiyan Da
10.  Kalgeeyah Vaaleh Paathshah

Best of Jazzy B Songs List

11.    Ik Sir Hor Mangda
12.    Kehnde Kalgiya Wale
13.    Zalim Dilli – Hard Kaur
14.    Aj Laud Sira Di Mainu
15.    Kaun Nachdi Sada Kar
16.    Dil Hai Mera Deewana
17.    Panth Sikhi Da Chalaya
18.    Harry is not Brahmachari
19.    Panj Dariya Di Dharti
20.    Dekhi Re Gabhroo
21.    Kaun Nachdi
22.    Bach Bach Ke
23.    Singhan Di Kaum Bahadur Hai
24.    Aahun Aahun
25.    Jaikareh Bolngeh
26.    Chakde Boly
27.    Ni Jeda Guru Hai Kalgi Wala
28.    Khushi U.K
29.    Pawarey Teri Akh De Sohniye
30.    Aakh Lar Gayee
31.    Teri Meri Ik Jind
32.    Dil Lutiya
33.    Bhai Maha Ingh Kali
34.    26 Ban Gai – Gippy Grewal
35.    Paya Karo Saade Naal
36.    Jindey Sun Jindey
37.    Maala Valeh Hath

Through his singing career of two decades, he has promoted his musical style and talent to the various corners of the world. The evolved contribution of Jazzy B has made his signature style of performing Bhangra that is different and unique in its own way.

Jazzy B Albums (Discography)

  • Stayin’ Real Surma (2001)
  • Dil Aa Gaya Tere Te (2000)
  • All Eyez On Me (1999)
  • Rambo (2008)
  • Pyar Da Mukadma (2003)
  • Sikhi Khandiyon Tikhi (2003)
  • Get Back (1994)
  • Kaun Nachdi – Who’z Dancin (2007)
  • The Canadian Spice (1994)
  • Folk ‘N Funky (1995)
  • Singhan Di Kaum Bahadur (1999)
  • Tera Roop (2002)
  • Romeo (2005)
  • Oh Kedi Oh Kehri (2001)
  • Chak De Boli (2000)
  • Folkal Attraction (1997)
  • Maharajas (2011)
  • Ghugian Da Jorra (1993)

Along with his singing career, in 2013 Jazzy made his appearance as an actor in the Punjabi Film, named Best of Luck, clubbed with Punjabi Actor and Singer Gippy Grewal, and former Miss India Universe 2008, Simran Kaur Mundi. He made the required arrangements for the film to be shot at Vancouver, Canada, in 2012. However, his debut appearance in the year 2000 was in Bollywood film, called Shaheed Udham Singh, where Gurdas Maan, the Punjabi singer and actor Jazzy B played the role of the Indian freedom fighter Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

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