Best of Shania Twain Songs, Album and Biography

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Shania Twain Biography and Discography

“The Queen of Country Pop” or Eileen Regina Edward also known as Shania Twain is a Canadian country pop singer-songwriter is considered as one of the best singer for her many renowned albums so far. The best album, which gained her lot of fame, was The Woman in Me and became the best-selling studio album of all time by a female act in any genre and the best-selling country album of all time, selling over 40 million copies worldwide. She is a lovely mother to her son and a wonderful wife to her husband. Shania Twain has won five Grammy Awards and 27 BMI Songwriter awards and three albums which were certified Diamond by the recording Industry Association of America. Shania Twain is the first and only female singer who has received three consecutive albums a Diamond status, certified by the RIAA.

Hot Shania Twain Songs 2015She is the most commercially successful singer whose albums have reached over 80 million people worldwide. She also received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She has also entered her own TV series called Why Not? Shania Twain is popular and versatile singer who is being appreciated and admired as the best pop singer and her awards are the prominent example of it.

Best of Shania Twain Songs

  1. You’re Still the One (1998)
  2. White Christmas (2011)
  3. Dance with the One That Brought You (1993)
  4. You’ve Got a Way (1999)
  5. I’m Gonna Getcha Good! (2002)
  6. The Woman in Me (1995)
  7. Endless Love with Lionel Richie (2012)
  8. When You Kiss Me (2003)
  9. Honey, I’m Home (1998)
  10. You Win My Love (1996)
  11. Love Gets Me Every Time (1997)
  12. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (2003)
  13. God Bless the Child (1996)
  14. Any Man of Mine (1995)
  15. I Ain’t No Quitter (2005)
  16. From This Moment On (1998)
  17. Today Is Your Day (2011)
  18. What Made You Say That (1993)
  19. Don’t Be Stupid (1997)
  20. Forever and for Always (2003)
  21. Amneris’ Letter (1999)
  22. Rock This Country! (2000)
  23. You’re Still the One (2014)
  24. She’s Not Just a Pretty Face (2003)
  25. You Needed Me (2007)
  26. Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (1999)
  27. Coat of Many Colors (2003)
  28. No One Needs to Know (1996)
  29. Thank You Baby! (2003)
  30. Come On Over (1999)
  31. Party for Two (2004)
  32. That Don’t Impress Me Much (1998)

Shania Twain is listed in “People Weekly” in the “Most Intriguing People “list and voted as the “sexiest vegetarian alive” by PETA. Her all-time favorite song which received her much recognition is ‘You are still the one’ the song won Grammy Awards for Best Country song and Best Female Country Performance. Watch live performance to get full entertainment. So, if you are Shania Twain song lover you will love the way she sings and the expression she has while performing them on stage.

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