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Christian Bale is an award winning actor, began his career as a child artist, and was also featured in Steven Spielberg’s feature film Empire of the Sun. He is known for his roles in Batman series. Batman Christian Bale was born on 30th January, 1974 as Christian Charles Philip Bale in Pembroke shire, UK to David Charles Howard Bale and Jenny. His father was a commercial pilot and mother was a circus performer. Throughout Bale’s childhood, the family lived in various countries, including the US, Portugal and England. Bale started his career with a cereal commercial when he was just 9. The following year, his debut, The Nerd, was released. Bale’s performance in NBC series ‘Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna’ caught Spielberg’s eye, resulting in Bale’s renowned role in 1987’s Empire of the Sun.

Christian Bale Movies 2015, 2016 & 2017He won the National Board of Review’s special award for best performance by an actor. Bale later featured in Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V (1989) and Treasure Island (1990). Christian Bale movies list featured iconic and experimental movies, including 1992’s Newsies, 1993’s Swing Kids, 1994’s Little Women, 1996’s The Secret Agent, 1996’s The Portrait of a Lady, 1997’s Metroland, 1998’s All the Little Animals, and 1998’s Velvet Goldmine.

Top 10 Christian Bale Movies

1.    The Dark Knight (2008)
2.    Batman Begins (2005)
3.    The Machinist (2004)
4.    The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
5.    American Psycho (2000)
6.    Empire of the Sun (1987)
7.    The Prestige (2006)
8.    The Fighter (2010)
9.    3:10 to Yuma (2007)
10.  American Hustle (2013)

In late 1990s, with increasing use of internet, Bale was found as one of the most famous online celebrities. Bale entered into the next decade with lead cast in American Psycho. Mary Harron’s this movie is adapted from the controversial novel Bret Easton Ellis. This movie brought Bale many titles, including Entertainment Weekly’s Top 8 Most Powerful Cult Figures, Premiere’s Hottest Leading Men Under 30 and EW’s Most Creative People in Entertainment. Two more cult films, The Machinist (2004) and Equilibrium (2002), followed the list. The Machinist drew attention because of Bale’s physical transformation. He lose about 60 pounds of weight for his role in the film.

Christian Bale New Movies 2015 List

  • Knight of Cups (2015)
  • Weightless (2015)

Christian Bale workouts to transform his body influenced the decision to cast him in 1st installment in Batman triology, Batman Begins (2005). The movie was followed by The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Later Bale was featured in Rescue Dawn (2006), Werner Herzog’s ‘Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997)’, The Prestige (2006), and Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There (2007).

Christian Bale Upcoming Movies 2016, 2017 List

  • The Big Short (2016)
  • Jungle Book: Origins (2017)

Christian Bale’s The Fighter earned him his first Oscar Award in 2011. He also earned commercial and critical success with the movie. For his role of Dicky Eklund, Bale won the Best Supporting Actor award. In this movie Bale showed his ability to retransform his body with another skeletal, gaunt transformation. Christian Bale’s new movie is the comedy drama American Hustle (2013). He will reunite his respected director for his upcoming projects: Knight of Cups (2015) and an untitled drama. Christian Bale now lives with his wife Sibi Blazic and daughter Emmeline.

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