Drake New Album 2015 Top 10 Songs List

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Drake is probably one of the most influential and biggest rapper of this generation. His style of lyricism and hardcore R&B flow made him unique among others. His sound is often filled with emotion that is considered taboo in rap industry. Drake raps good about love and better about love lost. Throughout music career, most of Drake albums went platinum and featured chart-topping singles. Drake contributed 12 No.1 hit singles on the music charts, more than any other music artist in the history. He also racked 10 songs to No.1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts. He gained this credit as he knows the way to connect with a big group of people.

Drake New Album 2015

  • If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)
  • Views From the 6 (2015)

All Drake Albums

1.    Room for Improvement (2006)
2.   Comeback Season (2007)
3.   Heartbreak Drake (2008)
4.   So Far Gone (2009)
5.   Thank Me Later (2010)
6.   Take Care (2011)
7.   Nothing was the Same (2013)
8.   The Gift Without a Curse (2014)

Views From the 6 is Drake’s new album. All Drake songs brighten his future. Here are some of Drake songs that are considered to be the best among the bunch.Drake New Album 2015 Songs

Drake New Songs 2015 List

  • You & the 6 (2015)
  • Preach feat. PartyNextDoor (2015)
  • Know Yourself (2015)
  • Truffle Butter (2015)
  • Wednesday Night Interlude (2015)
  • Blessings (2015)
  • Now & Forever (2015)
  • 100 with Game (2015)
  • 6PM in New York (2015)

Top 10 Drake Songs of All Time

  • All Me (2013) : Drake’s future is brightened by his each new release, and this certain track is not an exception. It is a perfect addition to a rigid catalogue. Since he entered in the music industry, he has been developing. This is one of new Drake songs.
  • Marvin’s Room (2011) : This track is the latest drop from Drake. With this song, Drake continues to impress people. It boosts his already impressive body of work.
  • Wu-Tang Forever (2013) : Listen to Wu-Tang Forever, one of the Drake latest songs. This classic was released on 12 September, 2013.
  • Best I Ever Had (2009) : Everybody wants to be the best his girlfriend has ever had, and this track solidifies his brand name at that time. This song samples perfectly the Joe Frank, Reynolds and Hamilton song ‘Falling in Love’.
  • Closer to My Dreams (2009) : The song is a joint which can hold its own in a constant playback mode on your mobile or in a club. With ingenious lyricism, lush harmonies, and creative instrumentation, Drake offers himself a refreshing effort.
  • Free Spirit (2011) : Drake has got a great sound and awesome style on this certain track. This song is highly recommended to fans of hip hop and R&B style of music. This is a catchy, smooth and excellent listen.
  • Dreams Money Can Buy (2011) : Drake snapped in the lap between Take Care and Thank Me Later. The song demands your attention as a legit threat to the top.
  • Nothing was the Same (2013) : The song is arguably the best Drake new songs. Some people argue that there was never a downward for Drake from the start. When we consider the rap industry, everybody starts from the bottom but only a few will reach his level of success.
  • The Ride (2011) : With this song Drake sounds like he can suit any era of song. This song guarantees to know everybody that they can’t feel.
  • Up All Night (2010) : This track infects your ears immediately with the perfect hip hop flow from the lead artist.

It is not of the songs Drake used to introduce himself to music industry.

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