Top 10 Kanye West Songs 2015 List – Upcoming New Album SWISH (2015)

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Kanye West – An Exceptional and Devoted Music Artist

Kanye West is a famous hip hop recording artist in America. Besides being a recording artist, he is also known as film director, entrepreneur, record producer and fashion designer. His multiple talents have made him popular all over the world today. He is from Chicago, and he first gained his recognition as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. Following this, he achieved recognition for various works including hit singles for musical artists. He follows a unique style that makes his stand apart from the rest and has given special place among the list of artists. Initially, his style of production was based on high-pitched vocal samples derived from soul songs.

Kanye West New Album 2015

These were incorporated together with his drums and other instruments. However, later Kanye West received his influences from several other sources including trip hop, folk, electronica, industrial, classical and even rock music.

Top 10 Kanye West Songs 2015 List

1.    Why I Love You (2011)
2.    Through the Wire (2003)
3.    Run This Town (2009)
4.    All of the Lights feat. Rihanna (2011)
5.    Birthday Song (2012)
6.    The New Workout Plan (2004)
7.    Good Life feat. T-Pain (2007)
8.    Can’t Tell Me Nothing (2007)
9.    E.T. with Katy Perry (2011)
10.  I Still Love H.E.R. (2007)

Best of Kanye West Songs

11.    Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) (2007)
12.    Flashing Lights (2007)
13.    Black Skinhead (2013)
14.    Hold My Liquor (2013)
15.    Blood on the Leaves (2013)
16.    Wouldn’t Get Far with The Game (2007)
17.    I Changed My Mind (2004)
18.    Whatever You Want (2009)
19.    Yeezus (2013)
20.    Blood on the Leaves (2014)
21.    Wouldn’t You Like to Ride? (2005)
22.    Welcome 2 Chicago (2001)
23.    In for the Kill (2010)
24.    No Church in the Wild (2012)
25.    Kinda Like a Big Deal (2009)

Most Popular Kanye West Songs

26.    All Falls Down (2004)
27.    New God Flow (2012)
28.    Dark Fantasy (2010)
29.    Billie Jean 2008 (2008)
30.    Gotta Have It with Jay-Z (2011)
31.    Diamonds from Sierra Leone (2005)
32.    Christmas in Harlem (2010)
33.    Heard ‘Em Say feat. Adam Levine (2005)
34.    Love Lockdown (2008)
35.    Gold Digger (2005)
36.    I Won with Future (2014)
37.    Touch the Sky (2006)
38.    Forever (2009)
39.    Knock You Down (2009)
40.    Talk About Our Love (2004)
41.    Buy U a Drank (2007)
42.    Who Gon Stop Me (2011)
43.    Swagga Like Us (2008)
44.    Lift Off feat. Beyonce (2011)
45.    I Am a God (2013)

The reflections of these inspirations can be found in different pieces produced by West. He is also one of the best selling awarded artists in the category of popular music. It will not come upon as a surprise that Kanye West has won a total of 21 Grammy Awards due to which he is popular as one of the most awarded artist of all times.

Kanye West New Songs 2015 List

  • FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna (2015)
  • U Mad – Vic Mensa (2015)
  • All Day (2015)
  • One Man Can Change the World (2015)
  • All Your Fault (2015)
  • Blessings – Big Sean feat Drake (2015)

Kanye West New Album 2015 Upcoming

  • SWISH (2015)

He has also been listed as one of the most influential people of the World. The background and style found in his debut album is different from his current production. He constantly evolves new styles of music to gift something new to the audiences every time. In fact, he is also a controversial and outspoken celebrity. His devotion towards the music can be acknowledged through Kanye West work and has given him huge popularity and fans around him.

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