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Egyptian Music – In The New Kingdom progress and additions are made to Egyptian Songs. Archaeologists have found enough demonstration to show that music is a rich part of Egypt’s cultural feast. Hieroglyphics and texts from the Egyptian mythology point out that music played a major role in archaic Egyptian society. Ihy was the god who presided over the music. Plutarch credits Thoth, as well known as Hermes, with having been the one who contrives music. Sometimes music was used in to exorcise evil psyche and some religious ceremonies. Foreign visitant to Egypt have left records that show their magnification or knowledge of Egyptian music.

Egyptian Music Songs 2015Egypt’s music in relation to the gods. We already mentioned his purport that Thoth is the great discoverer but he also claimed that Osiris used music around the world in his civilizing factor.

Greatest Egyptian Musicians

  1. Khamis El Fino Ali
  2. Salah Ragab
  3. Kamel al-Khola’ie
  4. Sayed Darwish
  5. Shaikh Kamil Yusuf Al Bahtimi
  6. Baligh Hamdi – Egyptian Music
  7. Hossam Ramzy
  8. Leila Mourad
  9. Mohammed al-Qasabji
  10. Mohamed Fawzy
  11. Omar Khorshid
  12. Abdel Halim Hafez – Traditional Arabic Music
  13. Najat Al Saghira – Arabic Pop Music
  14. Mohamed Abdel Wahab
  15. Ali Hassan Kuban
  16. Oum Kalthoum
  17. Sheikh Imam
  18. Riyad Al Sunbati
  19. Sheikh Muhammad Rifat – Quran Reciter
  20. Hamza El Din

There is also confirmation that Plato studied in Egypt, and it was said that he greatly commended and extol the standards of Egyptian music. Dio Cassius said that music was connected to astrology. There is also a musical theme in the eternal writings of Egypt.

Latest New Arabic Songs 2015 List

  • Bokrah Ma3ak by AMR 60
  • Hashofk by Mahmoud Al Asali
  • Betshawer 3a2lak by Nesma Mahgoub
  • Qesset Sheta Instrumental by Donia Samir Ghanem
  • Kol Dah Ala Aieh by Tamer Hosny – Egyptian Music
  • Ba2a Fi Keda Ya3ny by AMR 60
  • Wahda Bas by Marwa Nasr
  • 180 Daraga by Tamer Hosny
  • Bi2ay Shakl by AMR 60
  • Men Ana by Mahmoud Al Asali

Top 10 Egyptian Songs 2015 List

  1. Ana Wenta Leba3d by Donia Samir Ghanem
  2. Beit Wahed by Marwa Nasr – Egyptian Music
  3. Arfak by Nesma Mahgoub
  4. Ya Hob Dawebna by AMR Diab
  5. Ma7adich Yi2oul by Bahaa Soltan
  6. Balash Tebaed by AMR Diab
  7. Mastghnash by Nesma Mahgoub
  8. Sekety Esmek by Hany Shaker
  9. Msafer by AMR 60 – Egyptian Music
  10. Mata’alemnash by Ramy Gamal

There is confirmation of the beginnings of music in Egypt, In the early Kingdom. The 3 instruments that find most exquisitely in the pictures are trumpet approximate the shehnai end-blown mouth organ and also the Lyra. The hieroglyphics indicate the existence of singers and dancers also. One picture relates 2 singers, a flutist, 4 dancers and a harpist.

Best of Egyptian Music

  • Fi Set Ayam by Bahaa Soltan
  • Bekelmetein by Ramy Gamal
  • Aghla Bashar by Hany Shaker
  • Alby We Hora Feh by Nesma Mahgoub
  • Sallem 3al Shohada by Sherine Abdelwahab
  • Koly Melkak by Sherine Abdelwahab
  • Gnoudna Regala by Sherine Abdelwahab
  • Mesh Kol Wahed by AMR Diab – Egyptian Music
  • T3addy Seneen by Ramy Gamal
  • Mabakhafsh Leih by AMR 60

List of Egyptian Music

  • Wala La2 by Mahmoud Al Asali
  • Al Mughni by AMR Diab
  • Habeit El Donia by Marwa Nasr
  • Dana Baba by Tamer Hosny
  • Bendawar 3ala El Sa3ada by Bahaa Soltan
  • El Wad El Lou by Donia Samir Ghanem
  • Ana Ayesh by AMR Diab – Egyptian Music
  • Qesset Sheta by Donia Samir Ghanem
  • Ard Wa7da by Marwa Nasr
  • Elherah by Hany Shaker
  • Mahma Hasalli by Bahaa Soltan
  • Forsa Akhira by Sherine Abdelwahab
  • Tararam by Mahmoud Al Asali
  • Hekayet Roh by Ramy Gamal
  • El 7elo Malo by Nesma Mahgoub
  • Meen Momken by Tamer Hosny
  • El Wa2t Byesra2na by Donia Samir Ghanem
  • Mehtagen Eltyba by Hany Shaker
  • Yeqol Yehbeni by Hany Shaker
  • Da2 El Saytara by Sherine Abdelwahab
  • Farhan Beshakl by Ramy Gamal
  • Ra3i Damirak by Bahaa Soltan
  • Malk El Madena by Mahmoud Al Asali
  • Zai Al Nile by Tamer Hosny
  • Ellet 2asl by Marwa Nasr

Normally,The players seem to be male with the slander that women are rarely seen at the harp. The men seem to be making gestures with their hands that could signalize some style of rhythm or melody. There are limited topic made to Egyptian melodist, In this time, but one that is mentioned is Chufu’ Ankh, who was a flutist, singer and a director of court music and some aspects of Egyptian music.

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