Top 10 Bastille New Songs 2015 List Upcoming Album 2016 Remixes, Shows and Band Members

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Bastille is the English rock band formed up in London in 2010 with a mission to give music a new traveling path. Their wonderful creations have touched the heart of music lovers all over the world. This band is known to have received nomination for four Brits awards. With its amazing collections, this band leads the music world. From their multiple songs, few have attained great recognition and popularity. Let’s find out the top 10 Bastille songs.

List of Top 10 Bastille Songs 2015

01. Pompeii: One of the most amazing songs created by Bastille. It revolves around disruption of a city by a volcano. It is one of the best Bastille songs with a rich composite of melodies. This song proves the excellent talent possess by the band members.

02. Laughter Lines: This song lies on the second position in the list of top 10 Bastille songs. This song is known to have everything amazing. The best example of wonderful creation done by Bastille band. The melody, the lyrics, everything in the song is just wow. It can be the number one song but it lacks the video section which can recall more fans to the list.

Bastille Songs List 2015, 201603. Flaws: A song with amazing lyrics, often regarded as the best among the top Bastille songs. This song attains the maximum likes by the fan following because of its unique tempo and beat. It offers a unique experience and feelings which are quite rare to found in other songs.

04. Icarus: A wonderful creation by Bastille with unparalleled music. When you will hear this song, you will forget everything and only enjoy the deepest and unique emotions hidden in the song. A lovely number for a melodious requirement.

05. Things we lost in the fire: A deep hidden meaning inside, this song proves to be the best among latest Bastille songs list. Its deep emotions will take you to a new world wherein you can express your feelings in a different manner. The beat of the song is lovable and its lyrics are quite catchy. A perfect song for music lovers.

Bastille New Album 2016 Upcoming

06. Oblivion: the most beautiful song gained popularity due to its mesmerizing and thought-provoking lyrics. One of the best Bastille songs known for its wonderful tune and perfect music.

07. Laura Palmer: This is one of the top Bastille songs which give an amazing feel. A very rare creation made by the band. This song beholds a different music combination which has created history in the music world.

08. Of the Night: An ultimate song created by the band, known to be one of the best of top 20 hot Bastille songs. One can enjoy this awesome song whether in loneliness or in crowd. It is an amazing number with mesmerizing lyrics.

09. Bad Blood: a fantastic song with great lyrics and perfect rhythm. It is hard for the music lovers to avoid such an amazing track. It’s perfect drum beats compliments the lyrics and make it the best among the top 10 Bastille songs and shows.

10. Daniel in the Den: a very heart-touching song loved all over the world.

Bastille New Songs 2015 List Remixes Singles 2016

  • I Bet My Life (2015)
  • Greek Tragedy (2015)

Bastille Albums Discography

  • Bad Blood (2013)

Bastille Band Members

  1. Will Farquarson
  2. Dan Smith
  3. Chris “Woody” Wood
  4. Kyle Simmons
  5. Charlie Barnes

Along with the above top 10 Bastille songs, it is expected that their latest collection will also entertain the music lovers in the same way, as they are doing before. Bastille music lovers will always praise the creation made by this awesome band.

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