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DJ songs are commonly played in nightclubs, radio stations and bigrooms. DJ songs are usually made using electronic instruments. These DJ Remixes Songs often include pop full vocals that lead to a little more commercial form of dance music. Hip hop and pop artists have made use of multiple dance qualities in the recent decades to explore other areas of their dance music, making a catchy sound catchier.

Top 10 DJ Songs 2015 List

  • The Sun Can’t Compare (2006) : The totemic figure of vocalist Larry Heard dropped this masterpiece of vocal treasure. It has been a best DJ songs ever since. Thanks to its plaintive vocal vibes and pulsing bleeps. This is one of the new DJ songs.
  • House Nation (1986) : This classic is made by The Rude Boy of House and The House Master Boyz. The song is hinged on multi-tracked vocals and an explosive loop of stuttering. It brought to audience the thrill of robotic machine-funk.
  • Pacific State (1989) : The United Kingdom’ act handled to nail the Chicago house’s sound like 808 State of Manchester. Not only they found the city’s groove in this classic, but stamped on their inventive mark using a wailing saxophone hook and a hyperactive bassline.

Top 10 DJ Songs 2015 List

  • Acid Trax (1987) : When they began mucking about using a Roland TB-303 synthesizer, Phuture didn’t realize probably that they had stumbled across the jagged and squelchy sound of acid house.
  • Playing With Knives (1991) : There are numerous tracks of early 1990s that combined rave and house to great effect, however, not more than this irresistible energetic stomper. The commanding vocals and rushing rhythm will burn more calories than any video exercise.
  • No UFO’s (1985) : Techno artist Juan Atkins made some spacey and incredible tracks under his electrified Model 500. This track was definitely different from smoother Chicago-style tracks of 1980s, making its robotic, weird grooves more alluring.
  • Love Can’t Turn Around (1986) : This disco track of Isaac Hayes is the collaboration between Farley Keith and Darryl Pandy that blew the roof off at the time of its release. The track held the record of being a true crossover hit single which is continued its dance floor appeal.
  • Rhythim Is Rhythim (1987) : The driving beats, the kaleidoscopic synth stabs and the springy piano chords always sound great. Detroit’s Derrick May became a futuristic, epitomized, funky shredder techno pioneer with this track.
  • Chime (1990) : Based around a couple of utterly hypnotic but simple loops, this track rang out floaty take of Orbital on house clear and louder. This is one of the latest DJ songs.
  • Can You Feel It? (1986) : To those who consider electronic music as a devoid of emotion, I prefer this staggering masterpiece from Larry Heard.

Top New DJ Songs 2015 List

1.    If I lose myself
2.    I’ll be waiting
3.    We are one
4.    Dare
5.    One minute
6.    Play hard
7.    Wake me up
8.    I need your love
9.    I could be maximal crazy
10.  Fallen hero

The songs enlisted in above DJ songs lists are irresistible. Spend your leisure time in listening to these DJ songs and keep your body moving.

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