Top 10 Celine Dion Songs and Upcoming New Album 2015

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Celine Dion Biography and Discography

Celine Dion is a Canadian singer and was born on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec into a large family. She was born as Celine Marie Claudette Dion. In the French-speaking world, she emerged as a teen star after her manager Rene Angelil mortaged his home for her debut record. Establishing herself as a pop singer in North America and in many other English-speaking countries, she released the album, Unison in 1990. Celine Dion concert tickets and her tour dates are available online. In the 1980s Celine Dion first gained worldwide recognition by winning both the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest and the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. In both the contests she represented Switzerland. In 1986, she signed a recording deal with CRS Records Canada, following a series of French language album.

Celine Dion Songs List 2015She became one of the world’s most successful artists in pop music history during 1990s. With the help of her future husband Angelil, she released several French and English-language albums after signing with Epic Records. 1999 was a lucky year for Dion. The same year, she announced a break from entertainment in an attempt to begin a family and spend time with her cancer-diagnosed husband.

Celine Dion Albums

1)    English-language Albums

•    Unison (1990)
•    Celine Dion (1992)
•    The Colour of My Love (1993)
•    Falling into You (1996)
•    Let’s Talk About Love (1997)
•    These Are Special Times (1998)
•    A New Day Has Come (2002)
•    One Heart (2003)
•    Miracle (2004)
•    Taking Chances (2007)
•    Loved Me Back to Life (2013)

2)    French-language Albums

•    La Voix du bon Dieu (1981)
•    Celine Dion chante Noel (1981)
•    Tellement j’ai d’amour (1982)
•    Les chemins de ma maison (1983)
•    Chants et contes de Noel (1983)
•    Melanie (1984)
•    C’est pour toi (1985)
•    Incognito (1987)
•    Dion chante Plamondon (1991)
•    D’eux (1995)
•    S’il suffisait d’aimer (1998)
•    1 fille & 4 types (2003)
•    D’elles (2007)
•    Sans attendre (2012)

Top 10 Celine Dion Songs

•    Where does my heart beat now (1990)
•    The power of love (1993)
•    It’s all coming back to me now (1996)
•    My heart will go on (1997)
•    A new day has come (2002)
•    Taking chances (2007)
•    That’s the way it is (1999)
•    I am alone (2002)
•    Because you loved me (1996)
•    If you asked me to (1992)

Celine Dion album A New Day Has Come spawned the biggest hit in her music career, I am alive. In 2002 she returned to pop music and signed a 3-year deal to perform at Caesars Palace, Paradise, Nevada in a nightly theatrical show. Loved Me Back to Life is Celine Dion new album 2015. Songs listed above are Celine Dion greatest hits in her music career. Dion’s recordings are mainly in English and French and are influenced by various genres, including R&B, classical, gospel and rock. She also sings in Chinese, Latin, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Celine Dion has won five Grammy Awards.

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