Top 10 David Guetta Songs List & New Album 2015

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Pierre David Guetta, popularly known as David Guetta, is a world renowned house music DJ and music producer who shared the limelight with many shakers and movers of the music industry. His famous collaborations include instant hit singles like ‘Where them girls at’ with rapper Flo Rida, ‘She wolf’ and ‘Titanium’ with singer Sia, and ‘Sexy chick’ with Akon. This techno artist was born in Paris, France and branched out into disc jockeying in the early 1980s. At that time, he used to play at nightclubs and remained in the profession till his debut album was released in 2002. In 2001, he co-founded Gum Productions. A meeting with the American House and Rhythm & Blues singer Robert Owens initiated Guetta’s ventures in the global music era. ‘I Gotta Felling’, which made for the Black Eyes Peas, has been one of his biggest hit singles. His recent adventure has been his recent release ‘Nothing but the Beat’.

David Guetta Songs 2015 Album

There is a documentary made on this very talented DJ, named ‘Nothing But the Beat’. The documentary captures his journey to limelight, which has been very interesting. ‘Lose Control’ is David Guetta’s new song. David Guetta was born on November 7, 1967 to a Jewish father and Belgian mother. While working at a gay club, he found house music that prompted him to investigate the recently developed music form by understanding what was occurring in the US.

Top 10 David Guetta Songs 2015 List

1.    I gotta feeling (2009)
2.    When love takes over (2009)
3.    Sexy bitch (2009)
4.    Club can’t handle me (2010)
5.    Love is gone (2007)
6.    Rock that body (2009)
7.    Who’s that chick? (2010)
8.    Baby when the light (2007)
9.    Gettin’over you (2010)
10.  Love don’t let me go (2006)

David Guetta New Songs 2015 List

  • What I Did for Love (2015)
  • Hey Mama (2015)

He believed that this style of music would take the world by storm. In 2001, David Guetta met gospel artist Chriss Willis. With him, David collaborated the songs ‘Getting Over You’ and ‘Love is Gone’. His debut album was titled ‘Just a Little More Love’. After its release, in the span of 3 years he released 2 albums, Pop Life and Guetta Blaster. Pop Life spawned the top ten hit single ‘Delirious’, which featured Tara McDonald. David Guetta tour was scheduled between Jan and July of 2008, to promote his album. He released his fourth studio album, One Love, in August, 2009.

All David Guetta Albums

1.    Just a Little More Love (2002)
2.    Guetta Blaster (2004)
3.    Pop Life (2007)
4.    One Love (2009)
5.    Nothing but the Beat (2011)
6.    Listen (2014)

David Guetta remix ‘I Gotta Feeling’ was performed by the Black Eyed Peas. His new album ‘Nothing But the Beat’ was re-released on September 7, 2012 as ‘Nothing But the Beat 2.0’. He co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’, which also featured him in the album. David Guetta married Cathy in 1990. Ever since the couple has been together. Cathy actively involved in his professional life and handles night clubs too. The couple are blessed with two children, Angie and Tim Elvis Eric, who were born in 2007 and 2004 respectively. David Guetta has sold more than 6 million albums worldwide.

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