Top 10 Death Songs List & Best Songs About Dying

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Top 50 Death Songs List of all time

Death songs are a type of sad song. Death is irrevocable. This subject that musicians always return  to, no matter how often they knock about to places other than the death rate. Whether it’s about the artist’s own eventual death, or their experience with the dying of someone close (or distant), it’s a theme that limit across all genres and eras of popular music. Some term for death focus on the character of termination of something. In this context “death Death is an action or fact of passing or being killed; the end of the life of a human or organism. The nature of expiration and humanity’s perception of its own mortality has for millennia been a concern of the world’s religious traditions and of philosophical inquiry, in human societies.

Death Songs ListThis includes the belief in the resurrection, reincarnation or rebirth associated with Dharmic religions, or that knowledge permanently ceases to survive known as eternal. When a person passes away, it is also said they had died, expired or, passed on, among many other socially accepted, religiously specific, argot, and irreverent terms.

Top 10 Death Songs List

1.    The End Of The End by Paul McCartney
2.    Art of Dying by George Harrison
3.    Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk by Pink Floyd
4.    Happy Phantom by Tori Amos
5.    To Lose My Life by White Lies
6.    What This World Is Coming To by Nate Ruess
7.    Canvas of Life by Epica – Latest Death Songs
8.    This Wheel’s On Fire by The Band
9.    Hammer To Fall by Queen
10.  Action Is My Middle Name by Morrissey

Famous Death Songs About Dying

11.    Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum
12.    I’ll See You Again by Westlife
13.    Close To The Edge by Yes
14.    How I Want To Die by Catman Cohen
15.    Carry Me Down by Demon Hunter
16.    Die Young Stay Pretty by Blondie
17.    All Nightmare Long by Metallica
18.    Spend All My Time by Marsha Ambrosius
19.    Your Time Has Come by Audioslave
20.    Little Black Train by The Carter Family
21.    One Hell Of An Amen by Brantley Gilbert
22.    Cape Of Our Hero by Volbeat
23.    Roll On the Day by Allan Taylor
24.    Lack of Comprehension by Death
25.    The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
26.    Nice to be Dead by Iggy Pop
27.    Laid to Rest by Lamb of God
28.    Autumn Leaves Revisited by Thursday
29.    Dancing With Mr. D by The Rolling Stones
30.    Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

Bereft of life, the lifeless person is then a dead body, corpse, set of remains, cadavers, and finally anatomy.” describes simply the state where something has over, for example, life. Thus, the definition of “life” napoo defines death. PERPLEXED AND LONELY, a soul stands in the chamber of death! Perplexed because the human being lying on the deathbed refused while on earth to believe in the continuity of life after the death of the physical body!

Best Songs About Death – Songs About Dying

31.    A Dog’s Life by Wild Beasts
32.    In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin
33.    Sing In Silence by Sonata Arctica
34.    Lie In Our Graves by Dave Matthews Band
35.    Suzanne and I by Anna Calvi
36.    It Is Well With My Soul by Mahalia Jackson
37.    Big White Room by Jessie J – Top Death Songs
38.    Cross Your Fingers by Laura Marling
39.    Maggots in Your Coffin by Repulsion
40.    The Show Must Go On by Queen
41.    Expiration Date by Fear Factory
42.    Love You to Death by Kamelot
43.    And When I Die by Blood, Sweat & Tears
44.    Only For the Weak by In Flames
45.    Go Wherever You Wanna Go by Patty Griffin
46.    We Will Rise by Arch Enemy – New Death Songs
47.    Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson
48.    Don’t Swallow the Cap by The National
49.    Song For Guy by Elton John
50.    The Beat Goes On by Beady Eye

He had therefore never seriously considered the matter and ridiculed all who spoke of it. Death songs are very boring type of song. Nobody wants to listen death song. But few death songs are very popular like, “Chithi na koi sandesh jane wo koun sa Desh” and “Bhare naina” people like this type of death songs.

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