Top 10 Richest Male Singers in the World 2015-2016 List

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Top 10 Richest Male Singers in the World 2015

Now the days everybody like to listen good music and singers give the soul to every music or song so here we have discovered a list of 10 top richest male singers they produce lots of name and fame for their singing talent.

The World’s Top 10 Richest Male Singers in 2015-2016

01. Justin Timberlake – Justin is a man of various qualities like he is a great American singer, businessperson, terrific songwriter and actor also. He has joining the boy band named NSYNC in 1995. Throughout the career, Justin won many awards in his singing career including nine Grammy and 4 Emmy awards.

02. Eminem – He is very talented singer and mind-blowing rapper. He sung many amazing song and he is a king of field of rapping. Eminem earned over $150 million.

03. 50 Cent – 50 Cent is a singer, rapper, entrepreneur, actor and investor also. He was born in July, 6 1975 in south Jamaica. His full name is Curtis James Jackson but his famous name is 50 Cent. Cent is a father of many beautiful songs like Baby by me, High all the time, Window shopper and many more. How to Rob is most popular album.

Richest Male Singers 2015, 2016 List04. Jay Z – Shawn Corey Carter is the real name of Jay Z. He was born December 4, 1969 in New York. He is very famous American rapper. Jay Z is known as rapper, record producer and entrepreneur also. He produce many songs like A week ago in 1998, Moment of clarity in 2003, Gotta have it 2011, Lucifer in 2003 and many more.

05. Snoop Dogg – Dogg is very popular singer in industry and great actor too. His full name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr and his stage name is Snoop Dogg and his other name is Big Snoop Dogg Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoopzilla, DJ Snoopedlic and Snoop Lion. He was born 20 October 1972 in United States, California. Snoop sung a large number of terrific songs.

06. Sir Elton John – He is a great English singer, songwriter, composer and piano player too. John’s real name is Reginald Keneth Dwight and he was born March 25 1947 in England. Island Girl, Someone saved My Life, Honkey Cat and many more are the mind blowing creation of Sir Elton John.

07. Jay Chou – Jay Chou was born on 18 January 1979 in Taipei country, Taiwan. He is very rich in singing field. There are millions of fans of Jay Chou. He is a great singer, musician, TV artist, song writer, record producer, actor, film director and radio host.

08. Robbie William – Robert Peter Williams his full name, he was born 13 February, 1974 in England. He has many qualities like singing, songwriting, musician, actor and record producer.

09. Justin Bieber – Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 in London, Canada. He is very young singer his is only 21. He earned money very soon, because he is most popular singer in young generation.

10. Kenny Rogers – Kenny is a richest and famous singer, songwriter. He sung several songs like We’ve Got Tonight, Buy Me a Rose, The greatest etc.

We discussed about top 10 richest male singers 2015, above. It is important to talk about more male singers like Bon Jovi, Aaron Kwok, and Julio Leglesias etc.

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