Traditional Mexican Music: Top Mexican Songs Chart

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Mexican music is very different and highlights a vast range of musical form and performance styles. Mexican music has been influenced by a variety of cultures, most notably local Mexican and European, since the past Middle Ages. Several traditional Mexican songs are popular worldwide. In 1854 The Mexican National Anthem first started being used, albeit it was not officially adopted lawfully until 1943. Poet Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra composed the lyrics of the national anthem, which indicate to historical Mexican military victories in the heat of battle and including cries of defending the homeland, after a Federal contest in 1853.

Mexican Music 2015 SongsHe asked, Jaime Nuno to compose the mexican music which now joins González’s poem later in 1854. On September 16, 1854 the anthem, consisting of ten stanzas and a chorus, effectively entered into use. Its figurative structure is based on the reversion of instrumental sections and the singing of short poetic ace called coplas.

Top 10 Mexican Songs – Mexican Folk Music

1.    Échame a mi la culpa
2.    La Cucaracha
3.    Tus Latidos
4.    A Lo Mejor
5.    La Sandunga
6.    El Torero
7.    Solamente una vez
8.    México Lindo y Querido
9.    El Amor de Su Vida
10.  Morena

Best Mexican Songs List – Mexican Music

11.    La Elena
12.    Jesusita en Chihuahua
13.    La Media Vuelta
14.    Cajita de Carton
15.    La Güerita
16.    Cual Adios
17.    Lupita
18.    Ay, Jalisco, no te rajes!
19.    Maria Bonita
20.   El Gavilancillo

Latest Traditional Mexican Music

21.    Esta Tarde Vi Llover
22.    Pelea de gallos
23.    Te Metiste
24.    Bésame Mucho
25.    Unas Heladas
26.    El Tren
27.    Jarabe Tapatío
28.    La Cucaracha
29.    La Bamba
30.    Somos Novios

The mode is ordinarily general, with consonant vocabulary mostly limited to progress drawing from I, IV, II7, V and V5. Triple meter predominates, with several exclusions in duple meter. The Son is performed most often by small ensembles in which string instruments predominate, by notable wind ensembles and region-specific exceptions like marimba ensembles.

Most Popular Mexican Music

31.    Vete Acostumbrando
32.    Cielito Lindo
33.    La Adelita
34.    Malditas Ganas
35.    Bonito y Bello
36.    La Revancha
37.    El Cholo
38.    La ley del monte
39.    Por Debajo de la Mesa
40.    Como Tu No Hay Dos

Famous Mexican Music

41.    Huapango de Moncayo
42.    El Triste (The sad one)
43.    Granada
44.    Sobre las Olas
45.    Sinfonía India
46.    La feria de San Marcos
47.    El Jarabe Tapatio
48.    Cielito Lindo
49.    Guadalajara
50.    Me Sobrabas Tu

Top Mexican Music – Mexico Songs

51.    El Toro Viejo
52.    Jarabe Pateño
53.    Debajo del Sombrero
54.    La Bikina
55.    La Noche de los Mayas
56.    Ando Borracho
57.    Si Te Vuelvo A Ver
58.    Mi Vicio Mas Grande
59.    El Rey (The King)
60.    Suena La Banda

Mexican Son music was evolved from the mixture of indigenous mexican music with Spanish music from different territories, that is why the music shows lots of transformations from different places, both in instrumentation and rhythm. Mariachi can recognize one type of Mexican son. Mexican son includes various different styles also. The guitar is everywhere present in almost all Mexican music son sub-genres. Variant instruments may include violins, accordions and trumpets. Corrido music is a popular narrative song of poetry form, a Ballad. In Mexican corridos, various themes are featured, and corrido lyrics are often old stories and ballads about a renowned hero or criminal in the countrified border areas of Mexican music.

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